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Complete the online application form below and the submission package including; a copy of your abstract, supervisor's letter, ASCO Acceptance letter and Application Contribution Questionnaire, completed by both the applicant and supervisor (.PDF or .doc).

You will receive an email confirmation of your application.

All abstracts will be reviewed by an independent committee, who will select the 10 winners. As a national program, at least one winner will be selected from each of the 5 regions (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Central provinces and BC). All applicants will be notified in May.

The winners will be asked to present their research at the NOYCIA awards dinner and also provide a short video summarizing their abstract to be viewed on our winners page.



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The completed NOYCIA Submission Package must include Abstract, Spervisor letter, ASCO Acceptance letter, completed Applicant contribution questionnaire by applicant and completed Applicant contibution questionnaire by supervisor as a Word Doc or Adobe PDF.

For questions, please contact the NOYCIA Secretariat ([email protected])

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