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Can you provide instructions on what is to be included in the Supervisor letter?

The Supervisor letter is similar to a reference letter when making a job application. The one page letter will highlight what you bring to the project in terms of contribution, data collection, innovation and leadership.

How many authors do I have to include on the combination form? Do I have to list them all on the contribution form?

You should list the top contributors  of the project work, over and above that you can say “other contributing authors” and include the percentage of their contribution especially if you have more than 10 contributors.

My abstract has been accepted for poster presentation this year, but I have recently transitioned from medical oncology to staff, am I eligible?

Yes you are eligible as long as you were a fellow/resident at the time of the abstract submission to ASCO.

My Supervisor is affiliated with ASCO for online publication, am I eligible to apply for a NOYCIA award?

Yes you are eligible as long as you were affiliated with a Canadian Institution at the time of authoring the abstract and first author of the abstract.

My abstract has been accepted by ASCO for online publication, am I eligible to apply for a NOYCIA award?

Abstracts accepted for publication only are not eligible for a NOYCIA award.

Am I allowed to bring a guest/spouse/child to the NOYCIA event?

The NOYCIA awards event is for Canadian Health Care (HCP’s) only.

Is there an agenda for the NOYCIA event?

The evening begins with a Welcome / Poster Presentation highlighting the Winners at 6:30pm followed by a dinner and presentation of the awards at 7:30pm

I would like to confirm that I have registered for the NOYCIA awards event, can you please advise?

Please refer to the Contact Us page here below and the Secretariat will respond to your request.

I have had two abstracts accepted this year by the ASCO Scientific Panel. Am I allowed to submit two abstracts to NOYCIA?

Yes you may submit two abstracts to the NOYCIA awards program as long as you are first author on both and affiliated with a Canadian Institution at the time.

I am from Great Britain doing my fellowship at a Canadian Institution. My abstract was accepted by ASCO, am I eligible for a NOYCIA?

Yes you are eligible. The project needs to be related with a Canadian institution, you do NOT need to be a Canadian citizen or Canadian Permanent Resident to apply.


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